Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Windows Store Open To Developers

It's time Win8 devs! The Windows 8 Developer Store is now open to begin submission of your Windows 8 applications. You can sign up for a Windows Store Developer account today, and if you happen to be an MSDN Subscriber, then you should have access to a registration code to offset the cost of signing up. If you are not an MSDN subscriber, than the account will cost you $49 annually. 

From the site you get the following with your account:
  • Your Windows Store developer account
  • Access to the Windows Store dashboard
  • The ability to publish apps in the Windows Store
  • Detailed info about your apps in the Windows Store
  • Auto-renewal every year (paid subscriptions only)
  • Two free assisted technical support incidents per year
It's a small price to pay if your app hits the jackpot, right!?!?! To get started click the link below and sign in with your existing MSDN or Live account to begin registration: