Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NuGet Package Source Blank After VS.NET Update

I recently updated VS.NET 2015 to Update 2 which was just released, but hit a snag with NuGet. Upon opening VS.NET and trying to download NuGet packages, I kept getting errors that the package didn't exist. I noticed the "Package source" dropdown was blank and had no selectable values. Even if I went to the VS.NET options for NuGet, I could no longer see the default package source configured. Something must of went awry during the VS.NET update.

Thanks to a nudge from this Connect report, the recommendation was to update the NuGet package manager from the 'Extension and Updates' menu. Sure enough there was an update, and after installing and restarting VS.NET, the "Package source' values were once again populated with and I could download packages.