Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Visual Studio Code Snippet - Triple Slash Directive

Sticking with the theme of my last blog post, Running ES6 Modules Native in the Browser using TypeScript, this post looks at pure JavaScript/TypeScript projects (i.e. NodeJS), that might not be using a framework or module loader, yet still need the ability to reference dependencies from other files. We've been doing this for years using the Triple-Slash Directive like the following:

/// <reference path="./src/ts/myClass.ts" />

In Visual Studio Code I was looking for an extension, snippet, or shortcut to type out the above. Interestingly I came up with nothing. Maybe it's inside another extension I hadn't seen, but rather than look for a needle in a haystack, I decided to quickly hand-roll my own snippet. This is trivial to do in Visual Studio Code. Here is the snippet for a triple-slash directive, and it can be used with the following prefix name: "tripSlash"

  "Triple_Slash_Directive": {
      "prefix": "tripSlash",
      "scope": "javascript,typescript",
      "body": [
        "/// <reference path=\"${1:path}\" />",
      "description": "Triple Slash Directive used for declaring dependencies between files when no module loader is used"

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