Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lets get things started; Initial thoughts

For this 1st blog post I wanted to speak a little to what I want to accomplish on this blog, and some of my thoughts on software development. Therefore there will be no code in this post, so IF you don't want to read this THEN proceed to the next post. ;-)

This industry more than most can humble one's opinion of how much they think they know, quickly by doing a quick search of the latest technology, architecture, design pattern, etc. and realizing you can't know it all. But this very fact is also one of the best parts of the industry as well; there is always more to know and another challenge around the corner. I guess that is why now more than ever I am so engaged in creating applications, writing code, and learning something new every day.

In this process of becoming a more seasoned developer I believe it is important to know that someone will always know more than I do (young and old), and it is OK to be wrong (hopefully not a lot, but hey it happens). This is one important way to become better in what we do; learn from our mistakes and grow from them.

This Blog will not concentrate around any one .NET or Microsoft technology, but rather bounce around topics and even escaping the bounds to other topics that help support building solid Microsoft based applications (i.e. Javascript, the software development life cycle, design patterns, etc.). The topics will also range from the introductory to the advanced in an attempt to spread knowledge to all tiers of people writing applications. I particularly enjoy helping those newer to the industry as it can be an uphill grind learning so many of the key concepts needed to build applications, before one really gets a head of steam and takes off. However, I also enjoy diving into the newest Microsoft Technologies and discussing more advanced development topics in an effort not to duplicate so many of the tutorials, blog posts, forum posts, books, and articles that have already covered the introductory subjects. When I do, I will try to explain them as I see them and how I needed to learn them in an effort to help others that find them useful.

With those thoughts laid out, I hope to contribute some nice posts here, and I encourage good discussion so please feel free to chime in or contact me with any questions. And away we go....

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